Aston Villa Season Review 2003/04


Video Rating: 4 / five

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14 Responses to “Aston Villa Season Review 2003/04”

  1. mattpovey1987

    Tad harsh mate. Alpay wasn’t a bad player at all, but when he came to us he was well into his twilight years and simply wasn’t the player he was. I agree with you that he was a reserve player and never a first-teamer, but that’s down to the gaffer, not the player

  2. rodders0223

    Forgot how shite Sorryson was.

  3. rodders0223

    Still can’t believe he picked Alpay over Olof against Pompey. Turkish cunt hope his house burns down.

  4. chrisvillan88

    Thank you so much for uploading this 😀

  5. Critchy39

    A swirler, a curler, an absolute pearler!

  6. mattpovey1987

    I’ll be uploading a load more mate, I don’t get much chance to come on here, but they will be on here 🙂

  7. Jakob Morris

    plz upload 09/10

  8. mattpovey1987

    I’ll be uploading 08/09 and 09/10 ASAP, I did upload 07/08 but it got blocked 🙁

  9. mattpovey1987

    You’re welcome, my pleasure

  10. mcalpha3

    Thanks for uploading mate. Finally found a review of my club. :D

  11. Wilson Willson

    Allpay was more then a bell end. Bloody kachloul was aswell

  12. TheSaltsinNZ

    Alpay was a right bell-end.

  13. mattpovey1987

    I’d love to mate, But for some bizarre reason, Villa never released one for that year 🙁 I’ve looked everywhere!

  14. Wilson Willson

    Do 04/05 I’m begging you