24 Replies to “Aston Villa 1-0 Bayern Munich – 1982 European Cup Final – Oh, It Must Be!”

  1. no ones gonna look at the result in 20 years time and take the cup away from us because it was ‘undeserving’. Only the result goes into the history books.

  2. This is an even luckier win than Chelsea 2012 or Man Utd 1999. Chelsea probably were the most deserving, Villa were totally not deserving of this win.

  3. most undeserved win ever, even worse than manudt 1999. they had 1 freaking chance.

  4. Many people forget that Aston Villa is one of the 5 English teams that have ever won the European cup. However, since 1982, the team has won neither a top league title nor FA cup championship. They are fighting for their survival in premiership league recent years. (Still better than Nottingham Forest, as they have not been seen in premiership league since 1999.)

  5. RESPECT from Arsenal. We have never won the Champions League but congrats for the Aston Villa.

  6. The guy presenting the trophy was slyly being a cunt..

    Lifted it up before Mortimer could grab it so he got the cheers instead..

    What a cunt..

  7. Although i was young wana able to see the day like that but i love villa,Hope we can go throught the hard time we are hving now 🙁 We are a team deserve better fortune 🙂

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