7 Replies to “Aston Villa 1980-1981”

  1. Goes to show much all these money rich Arabs with all their billions have ruined the game! Pushes teams like us into mediocrity when we were once a top team. UTV!

  2. I’m a Manchester City fan, and I wonder what our 80s would’ve been like if Ron Saunders had stayed. Like this I imagine.

  3. Thanks for putting this back up, it’s a good one. They were a much better team than they were given credit for, Morley and Cowans were flair players and Shaw a great finisher. And every English team would’ve liked a Peter Withe the way the game was played here in the 80s.

  4. i was at that forest game and still remember the cheer when it came through that ipswich had lost at home to arsenal… 32 years ago today!

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