20 Replies to “Aston Villa legend Ian Taylor makes Swedish fan’s dream come true”

  1. Ian Taylor is a Villa man through and through that wore his heart on his sleeve when he pulled on the famous claret and blue. He may not have been a ronaldo or messi but he was our Ian Taylor. Club legend.

  2. Yeah we have plenty of them Charlie George, pat rice – only difference is they were actually good, unlike Ian Taylor. I suppose Aston vanilla are used to worshipping shit players though

  3. not really? When a player who has played for your club and supports that team through and through then it connects with the fans and makes him feel legendary, more like a fan rather than a player who is there just for the money. You obviously don’t have anything better with yourself than to comment on a video from another club

  4. No. I am just preaching the good name of the almighty savior Brock Lesnar 🙂 BROCK RULES! JERSEY SHORE SUCKS!

  5. You know something wrong with your club when your branding players like Ian Taylor a ‘legend’.

  6. Could they have picked a nicer bloke than Ian Taylor to be the club’s ambassador? Congratulations to Marcus on winning the competition, shame the result didn’t work out better!

  7. All Like Feeding Benteke Petrol Because He Is A TANK On Facebook!


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