25 Replies to “Aston Villa thrash Arsenal 10-1 (Barclays Premier League Reserves)”

  1. yes villa are a great club but saying Arsenal is little is a bit silly. They are one of the best clubs and have history just like Villa. But you also weren’t the most successful club for 8 decades as you got relegated in 1936 but came back up in 1938. Also you didn’t win the first division for 70 years from 1910 to 1981 so not most successful for 8 decade. All i’m saying is both have have great history but your being biased and currently Arsenal are better but Villa have great past achievements.

  2. Its the commentators job to show biased, he does work for Villa for crying out loud.

  3. 6 arsenal reserve players or some famous football pundits watched this vid

  4. I actually like the commentator! He’s so excited at every Villa chance!

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