19 Replies to ““Aston Villa’s lack of real leadership will cost them””

  1. They need to retract what they say about us villa we are staying up, im doing t-shirts for a fiver say 2013 we stayed up 🙂 if you interested let me know

  2. Ha ha we’ve won 3 out if 4 and QPR can’t buy a win , this really is awful

  3. God. This is awful punditry. Adrian Clarke is the worst, just generalisations of the same old narrative without any intellectual rigor at all. (Turned out to be utterly wrong too.)

  4. shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Unlucky boys got a bit hasty, don’t rule us out 2 or 3 wins and were safe UTV VTID

  5. sick of so called expert pundits writing off villa, they’ve been proven again and again to be full of shit when it comes to villa. robbie savage is the another prime example of an arsehole!!

  6. Never heard of adrian Clarke, the ex arsenal winger? Have you ever watched football?! Not even an arsenal fan and I know him!

  7. If the young Villa players are loyal and agree to stick together and work together and don’t go chasing the ‘show off” money orientated clubs and if Lambert honours the kind of support and faith for Villa that the Villa owners and fans have shown in him then it could be a bright future for Aston Villa Football Club! Depends on how loyal they are to the club or not. AV has always been a good family club.I just hope this ‘family’ stick together. Players…listen to your hearts not your agents!!

  8. Hope Villa prove these clueless muppets wrong, especially ‘Adrian Clarke’??? Never heard of you.

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