25 Replies to “Chelsea 3-5 Man United, FA Cup 1998”

  1. Those kits didn’t have Large, Medium & Small size Lol all of them were XL 😀

  2. 3:12-3:28
    It’s a men’s game , not like the Spanish pussies nowadays who dive every second

  3. Slip of the tongue..he meant 1994, but it wasn’t a repeat as this time round United didn’t have David up the reds Ellary to cheat the win for them….but I’m not bitter!!

  4. 26 years waiting to win it 23 minutes to lose it……That’s why I love em!..CAREFREE!!

  5. 4:02 “we have a repeat of the 1999 cup final” so this was not in 1998.. liar

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  7. The best part of this game was seeing the droves of Chelsea fans leaving at 0-5

  8. Ain’t easy beating a treble winning team. But nice game! Chelsea’s still awesome

  9. That was such a smart sneaky move by Vialli with great anticipation in 8:31 . Unfortunately for Chelsea. The goal does not mean too much unless one of the United goals switches to the other net.

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