25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester United • Individual Highlights HD 720p (02-08-2014)”

  1. Bale will not overtake Ronaldo this season. By next summer, when people
    talk about the best players in the world, they will mention bale very
    quickly, but not as quickly as ronaldo.

  2. This is in response to the two idiots Nayrad Maina and Jdude Gaming talking
    absolute rubbish:
    This season CR became the player with the 2nd most hat-tricks in la liga
    history (and in far less games than the current holder),the player with the
    most goals in a calendar year in CL history, player with the most goals in
    the group stages in CL history, player with the most goals (17, 3 more than
    the old record and in 2 less games, 11) in one CL campaign in history
    breaking Jose Altafini’s record from 1962, second most assists in champions
    league this past season (4) behind Di Maria (5), all-time topscorer of
    Portugal overtaking Pauleta (50), overtook the number of free-kick goals
    Ronaldinho scored with Barca with his freekick goals this past season for
    Madrid, second top scorer in away league games in Real Madrid history,
    first european player ever to score in every minute of a 90 minute match in
    his career, the 1st player to score in 12 consecutive la liga games in
    history breaking Messi’s 10 game record in the process, the 1st player in
    CL history to score 10 or more goals in 3 consecutive CL campaigns, became
    Madrid’s 2nd all time top scorer in the CL overtaking Di Stefano,1st player
    to score in 8 consecutive CL matches in history and became the first player
    ever in Europe to score 50 goals or more in 4 consecutive seasons…

    All that THIS season and people have the nerve to say Bale/Suarez/Messi was
    better or had a better season than CR? And all this in CR’s most injury
    plagued season of his career? Hahaha, nice joke. Messi had 45 Apps, Ronaldo
    had 46 Apps, and Messi was injured more? Messi played MORE La Liga games
    than Ronaldo (31) and scored less (28), while Ronaldo played 30 games, and
    scored more (31 goals). By Bale’s current age, 25, Ronaldo already had the
    record for most goals in premier league history, a WPOY award, 3 PFA
    awards, and a pichichi. What has Bale done? LOL, put down the Haterade,
    it’s bad for your health guys. Respect a legend before it’s too late. 

  3. Honestly as a Barca fan I respect this dude no matter arrogance and his
    cockiness… He’s a hell of a footballer

  4. Using soundtracks from : NoCopyrightSounds. The channel.. isnt this

  5. maybe then hell be compared to pele and maradonna like leo, until then keep
    tapping it in and getting all of the undeserved credit cristiano. 

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