25 Replies to “LIVE STREAM pres. by MoneyGram: FC Dallas vs. Aston Villa FC”

  1. Are these ex-baseball radio commentators? SO much talk about irrelevant
    stuff – obviously reading off their notes, of course – sometimes less is
    better … just describe the game, please, and thrown in the odd relevant
    comment, maybe … but this non-stop reading of stats is SO boring. Thank
    you for reading :-)

  2. Good luck to FC Dallas for the rest of the MSL Season, starting with Sunday
    against Vancouver.

  3. Thanks for the live stream of the Aston Villa match. Great to see Villa
    beat FC Dallas (who were unbeaten in 8 matches before tonight).

  4. Tbh Beneke struggled for form/effort last season. He does have that class
    though when he want to turn it

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