Sentiments don’t pay bills. Tottenham reached the UEFA Champions League final last season thanks to Mauricio Pochettino. Before the new season could reach its mid-point though, the club sacked him.

And although Tottenham and everyone in charge of the club are going to whip up superlatives to justify the sacking of their most successful manager in recent times, it would be wise to remember that nobody makes decision based on logic. They only make it base on sentiments and try to justify it with logic.

Apart from Manchester City and Liverpool, only Tottenham has managed to be a successful side by premier league standards over the past few years.

Manchester United and Arsenal have been struggling with maintaining a top four finish – making fighting for the league title a distant wish – and the Red Devils particularly has sacked and hired coaches at a whim just to stay in the Champions League yet Pochettino effortlessly ensured Tottenham qualified for it 4 times in his 5 seasons in charge.

Spurs club chief Daniel Levy is a hard man. Always have been. In case of any doubt, his treatment of Harry Redknapp proves even Pochettino was not untouchable.

In recording only 5 victories in the premier league this season, the former Southampton man left Levy with no choice but to act.

Last season’s Champions League carousel was fun for sure. Still, the cracks were already showing despite Spurs’ seeming progress. From possessing a team disproportionately full of veterans, players that were seeing out their best days to their inability to make a single signing over that crucial summer.

Pochettino leaves Tottenham in a way nobody, even his enemies would have wished for. Being quiet, he remained so in the heat of the press leading to his eventual sack. His modest achievement and character will surely fetch him another job.

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