25 Replies to “Aston Villa launch home and away kits for 2013/14”

  1. I agree completely about the “collar-v-neck” I hate it. I do like both kits though.

  2. good for you charlie hope we stay up this year aswell and benteke could well leave for 20 – 30 million. if he deos whow should we buy

  3. Darren Bent could be leaving. At the VIlla Store there’s a picture of him on discount XD

  4. The home shirt is absolutely disgusting. Vile. Eurghh.

    Who’s idea was it to have a stripy V-Neck WITH a collar?
    EURGHHH it’s hideous.

    The away shirts colours are beautiful but the shirt is weird with 3 different shades of claret?

    The sponsors are sickening Macron and Dafabet?

    O’well I will settle for the away one.

  5. Louis evans – the song is “tame me” by TASTE. They are playing there on Saturday

  6. the pink kit is the best thing that happened to villa since we signed mark delaney. Opposing strikers wont take Guzan seriously then he will fly post to post making save after save looking ravish in his pink 😉

  7. i was going to order the home kit but unfortunately the £16 pound delivery charge to northern ireland is a bit of a deal breaker, i will just wait until the top drops down in price a bit so my order dosent go over £70

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