25 Replies to “Aston Villa Season Review 2012/13 [HD]”

  1. Please watch Stiliyan Petrov’s last goal for Aston Villa on my channel and leave a like for Stan-Not a brilliant goal but certainly a special one

  2. subscribe or look at my videos. Its just some videos of some of the away games from the season. games are stoke and norwich. great away days

  3. I never said Delph was better than Westwood, I was responding to what you said about Delph, that “he has a bad habit of giving the ball away”, the stats show he ceded possession less than Westwood. I think both played very well, especially as the season wore on, and complimented one another well.

    I agree with you that Westwood was the (marginally) better of the pair, but both are young and had encouraging first full seasons in the Premiership, and both should be looking to improve this year.

  4. I don’t care about stats, I hate it when people try to prove that a player is better just by looking at statistics. Westwood was a better player last season. Full stop.

  5. Delph completed a higher % of passes than Westwood (87.8% to 84.8%), Delph completed more tackles per game (2.3 to 1.7), Delph made more interceptions per game (2.8 to 2.4).

    Delph was dispossessed 9 times more than Westwood over the course of the season, down to Delph attempting 40 dribbles (completing 34, 85%), while Westwood attempted 2 dribbles.

    Delph didn’t contribute as many assists, but both Delph and Westwood built up a very good partnership as the season wore on. Both were very good.

  6. I do actually, he has a bad habit of giving the ball away and losing it in vulnerable positions. Yeah he makes the odd good run every now and then but for me it’s just not good enough. Westwood is what you call quality, especially for a lad who came from League 2 the season before.

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