25 Replies to “Aston Villa – Never Back Down (Inspirational Video)”

  1. Remember the buy a season ticket now and you’ll be able to get tickets for the league cup final, haha that was out motivation speech done and it worked

  2. everyone apart from villa fans i mean jesus christ look at the shite they bought in last week or two truley shocking! and abramovich aint in it for profit it’s his hobby and he is a chelsea fan so he ain’t leaving even if he did a rich rich man would only buy them you numb skull

  3. lol who the fucks laughing with you?were will we be in 3 years time i think you should focus on your own future. Abramovich wont be there forever you know and boy i will laugh so much when he leaves and your sorry arse’s are lying in the mud with carp players because everyones left for money. you wait and see 😀 🙂

  4. As a Bradford city fan I find this video hilarious…shoulda give the Friday night lights speech before second leg Lambert lol

  5. i think ur find ronaldo is currently broking a new deal where he is so thats off and torres is for sale at a bargain price of 8mil if all papers and transfer gossip is to be believed, benteke is getting a new contract thats already been released so hes staying for at least another year and weve also signed the cb that made chelsea look like lost boys

    so i would say the villa are in a pretty decent position

  6. I detect a bit of jealousy by that moron mary jane stick to something you might be good at knitting maybe!

  7. jose mourinho is here now every player loves him roman abramovich has give the go ahead to buy who he wants what ever the cost and ronaldo wants to be back in england,ferguson has retired so man utd is defo no no it;s city or chlsea 100% bookies dont make them odds on for nothing we can buy any player and they would join bar messi…anyway lets talk about villa whats gonna happen when benteke gets sold in the summer ?? more than ten clubs want him he is gone it’s not an if he goes he is gone lol

  8. Mary Jane football is about the history you create when winning trophies otherwise every match may as well be a friendly if winning a trophy only makes you a big club for one year, Chelsea never will have the history we have, the stories we have your story when you win stuff will always be the Same: your owner brought it for you

  9. Oh you no everything about the fair play rule?!Sorry i didnt know you were so clued up!Ronaldo?Torres may be better next season but i suppose he has to justify his 50mil transfer somehow..Little villa.What are you on?When you have a discussion you shouldnt resort to name calling it just shows how unintelligent you are but then again you are a chelsea supporter.You could be terrys alter ego!Why exactly are you commenting on the villa videos any way?Am going for a dump now as you are boring me 😉

  10. fair play rule wont happen for years trust me the fa and the rich owners are in it together,and i said villa would get relagated and i was not a million miles away i bet on it at start of season idiot..hulk , sneijder,dzeco,prob ronaldo torres back to his old self and many more we are gonna smash it next season you tiny little second best team in brum wow wee even swansea better team than villa and west brom have moved years ahead of ya fuck the past it means nothing little villa

  11. Mary jane,you dont now much about football do you?You said villa were going to get relegated “Fact”!Well it didnt happen did it..You are a typical chelsea supporter Up your own backside!We will see what happens when they bring the fair play rule in and you can only spend what you earn and as chelsea fc somehow own abramovich £200mill i dont think you are gonna do very well!One season is all you got then you will be back to the “We are the boys from the kings road” WHO?!No history MJ FACT!

  12. i know they have never been a big club but they are a lot better than villa now fact and yes i am a blue a chelsea blue,also stop living in the past so what if you won stuff you’re shite now, forrest were awsome back in the day look at them now! it’s the present villa are 100% doomed this season or next

  13. You are dumb coming out with stupid statements like that,southampton have never been a big club One FA cup,swansea one league cup and thats it!Never in the creation of crow shit will they ever be bigger than Villa..Are you a blue nose?!

  14. Newcastle are a big club in “Newcastle” Villa are a big club in europe Fact!Chelsea were a small club until abramovich got lost and ended up there..You were nothing until he came and when he has had enough you will again be nothing!We will never win another trophy again??Bold statement which you could never back up?!We will still be a club when we both have died..As for benteke going to chelsea?!Will never happen,his dream is to play for arsenal!End of!

  15. but Villa and Newcastle are dwarf clubs now all clubs expect a win when they play them don’t live in the past kid villa are one hell of a poor side kidda

  16. the club is built around the fans, clubs like Villa and Newcastle dwarf clubs like Swansea and Southampton, learn a bit about football dickhead

  17. im not on about fans you idiot! look at newcastle more fans than you yet still a small club’ i ment that villa are a small club who will never i i mean never win another trophy 100% fact get over it

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