24 Replies to “Aston Villa v Liverpool: Uncensored Match Build Up Show”

  1. Seems like a really professional show aprt from the swearing, it doesn’t bother me like im scouse as fuck lol but this could be bigger if ya jibbed the uneccessary swearing out, just a thought

  2. 2 wins. Neither convincing but a win is a win. I still reckon another 7th place or worse this season.

  3. We both know Villa should have won that game and easily could have. Villa had 17 shots compared to liverpools 5, 3 shots on target compared to liverpools 1.

  4. Nice episode, loved the music part, keep this spirit up and awaiting your next video on our 0-1 victory. Cheers.

  5. LFC simply outclassed Villa today in the first halve. The second halve was more about standing strong and blacking out the opponent. Have to say though, Villa made me nervous once or twice…

  6. Coutinho’s performance was awful tonight.. Nonetheless, a great result and a beautiful passing game in the first half! 🙂 2 down, 36 more wins to go! Press on reds!! 😀 YNWA!!!!

  7. He is allowed to have a prediction but I am also allowed to point out his delusions. Villa is not the same team it was last season, that much is obvious, and even then Villa beat Liverpool at anfield.

  8. Ask James if any of the hotties from Hollyoaks support LFC and want to be on the show!

  9. Aston Villa 2-2 Liverpool
    21′ Gerrard (free kick)
    54′ Benteke
    76′ Sturridge
    87′ Lowton (lucky fucking long range screamer)
    That’s my predictions. And Lowton is just a variable for one of Villas shite players. Could be Delph or Bannan or some other fucker for all I know. 🙂

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