24 Replies to “Birmingham City 1-2 Aston Villa – The city is ours!”

  1. Please watch Stiliyan Petrov’s last goal for Aston Villa on my channel and leave a like for Stan-Not a brilliant goal but certainly a special one

  2. Does that mean Villa are from Aston and not Birmingham? Not wumming genuinely don’t know and find the WBA point confusing.

  3. Buzzin we got you brummie pricks 1st game of the season – we need an easy start hahahaha

  4. Birmingham will always live in the shadows of Villa, as will we (wolves) live in the shadows of WBA, for now 

  5. What a great tribute to a great football city and club. From a Gunner fan.


  7. Yes, the Albion ground is in West Bromwich – but only by a FEW METRES, literally! The point was (and it goes back a few posts) that if you take any other city in the UK, with a football club 3 miles from its centre, it would never be considered as not from that city.
    Only in Birmingham, with its backward, divisive and damaging attitudes to micro-geography would that be the case. I’m a proud Brummie who lives in the Black Country (Greater Birmingham as it SHOULD be known).

  8. Do you even live in Birmingham you should know where West Brom is think West Bromwich Albion and there is a West Bromwich so of course its in West Bromwich not in Birmingham so you miss the point

  9. JohnnyScorp
    And that kind of attitude is exactly why this region is losing out to others in England. The club is 3 miles from the city centre and less than 4 miles from Villa Park. You miss the point.

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