13 Replies to “Fantastic Aston Villa Away support v Wigan Athletic. 19/05/”

  1. The bottom 3/4 of the premier are feeder clubs, along with those, villa are trying to slug it out with the mega bucks clubs of which at this moment in time we are not, so by the nature of big business football which sadly is today’s football, players will move to more affluent clubs with the promise of big salaries and champions league too. So villa sell their big assets and make s profit , therefore putting the club on a firm financial foothold then that’s the nature of the beast! All us villa

  2. Peewee ur a feeder club benteke wants out aswell as downing milner.young Barry were in deep.financial trouble Even wen we were.in the Prem nobody cod take.our.best.players wats villas fuking.excuse.ur a shit feeder club

  3. That benteke is fuking u.off he’s fuking u off Christian benteke is fuking u off look.at u Villa disgrace sucking up to wigan if that was blues Wed be on the pitch kicking off typical Villa pusseys

  4. Newsflash Tuesday 9th July benteke asks to leave the feeder club that is Villa we r in deep financial trouble wats ur fuking excuse u fuking little prik ur probly about 15 fat wiv spots ginga hair if u.cum to St.Andrews.u will be running BK to ur mummy u knob

  5. LOL most passionate? I’ve seen more passion in a tomato, your only getting shit gates cos your boycotting St Andrews? whats the excuse from before the legendary Carson came along? you can’t even compete in the Championship, you’ll be in League 1 this time next year, down down deeper and down

  6. Heart of the holte. Were only getting shit gates cos most of us are boycotting St Andrews while that chinky Carson fraud is in charge even though we get 14 ooo we are still the most passionate fans in brum Villa park is worse than a library ur a feeder club nowadays ur sole aim is to avoid relagation even though we’ve no muney we can still compete in the championship I’d rather be a bluez fan in da champ than a feeding club wiv the worst atmosphere in the Prem we r Birmingham city

  7. And thats why your average attebdance is 14 thousand? Fantastic support.

  8. U. Call that great support ur atmosphere at vanilla park is worse than a library we may have no fuking muney a wanker of a owner but Birmingham city have the most passionate loyal loudest fans in England pathetic Villa enjoy ur relagation battle next yr ur a feeder club to the big boys rip petrov cancers gonna get ya zzzzuullu army

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