23 Replies to “Manchester United Class Of 1992 Win Special Merit Award At PFA Awards 2013”

  1. I feel proud of my club!, a tear was about to come out because of what David Beckham said at the end of the report <3


  3. Priviliged to have grown up with these players and experienced their careers both at and away from United in full.

  4. it was alan hansen who said U DONT WIN ANYTHING WITH KIDS. LETS NOT FORGET IT

  5. The other twat left Eric Harrison on the stage like that, didn’t ask him to speak…

  6. Custom tailored award ? You do realise its been around since thwe 70’s and includes all the great teams and managers, Busby, Clough, Shankly, Paisley, the 68 EC winning team, the 66 WC team, Sir Bobby, Matthews, Lofthouse etc
    Just don’t look up the 2010 winner as your tin foil hat will be sending out conspiracy signals into the next galaxy

  7. It is so touching because i don’t know will this happen again in the future,the boys who play football with heart but not money

  8. So true. Absolutely terrible presenting. Not talking to the actual man that coached them and made them the team they were.

  9. My words exactly!!!! What a muppet. You could see Eric was desperate to talk. He bloody coached them, we wanna know his opinion.

  10. “It’s been an amazing journey for myself, you know, to have been able to have played for a team that I loved and supported for many years. For my dad to be sitting and watching his son play for Manchester United, lifting the cup…I don’t know how…I’m getting goosebumps cause I know how I’d feel if that was my son… My mum and dad were exactly the same. You know to…it was…
    …nothing compares.”

  11. Yeah it would feel wierd he looks like he’s about to cry. Reminding him of broken dreams

  12. Love how Scholes, who is one of the main reasons behind Manchester United’s success is at the back, trying not to get any publicity. LEGEND

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