25 Replies to “TUNNEL CAM: City 2-4 Villa CAPITAL ONE CUP”

  1. Come to my channel and watch what it’s like to walk out to a wembley final, it’s quality footage from the players view and iv’e only uploaded it now. This is filmed recently at the Bradord v Everton capital cup final. Please don’t miss out:-)

  2. No way NFL teams could walk out side by side like that. At that point in pre-game American Footballers are so hype.

  3. I am is there a problem i heard man shitty supporters were very slow in the head and i thought it would be better to write the way shitty fans do

  4. Thanks, man. Are you misspelling words for me on purpose now? Aww, you’re too nice.

  5. You can see straight through what i’ve written? lol. I wrote the truth.. although i must congratulate you on seeing through the truth.. pretty impressive skill.

  6. How the fuck do you know yeh prick Mancini sai it was the one cup city havnt won and getting out of the group stages i just fucking hope city dont get threw

  7. Why would you feel the need to comment if you didn’t feel bad/embarrased about the loss?

  8. Nice way of covering up your loss, we can all see straight through what you’ve written haha

  9. Even with all your money Man city you can,t beat villa and man utd are so much better then you at least thay work HARD to get money so go fuck yourselfs you sky blue fucks

  10. Good point you made there and yeah I guess my team would take a wealthy owner 

  11. Dude… ALL TEAMS NEED HELP FROM MONEY. Without money than we wouldnt even have football teams for fucks sakes. If the team you supportered had a chance to take alot of money from wealthy owners to buy class players you probabbly wouldnt mind that. Even with the players Manchester city is a great team. Saying they are shit or dont have chemistry is a complete and utter understatement. You know thats true.

  12. There is no way City can beat Real and Dortmund. Maybe Ajax but wont get you through, I’m not hating at all i’m just being realistic but then again anything can happen in football and yeah KSI is a funny guy and like him also an Gooner but teams like City and Chelsea should had done what Dortmund did and won the league instead of being help by money

  13. “I probably would” lol u fucking idiot your not me. City havent even been knocked out you twat we have 4 more games left for fucks sakes. We have the toughest group anyways so i doubt any other team that you support would survive unless your some glory hunting 10 year old who doesnt know shit about football except only from what youtubers say like KSI calling Nasri a benchwarmer. Even if you continue to respond it shows how little you even know about city. Just another dumbmass hater

  14. You probably would and anyway City getting knocked out of the Champions League with Real and Dortmund more attacking and powerful then City you dumbass lol

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