25 Replies to “Man of the Match | Manchester United 2 Stoke City 1 | FANCAM”

  1. The fans in the back round have only shown up the past few games spouting
    Andy Tate comments like children..Its nearly as bad as Aresnal fan tv now. 

  2. Van gaal getting the best out of fellaneh after last year he couldnt kick a
    ball, whose fault was this? I’m sorry to say again its moyeseh. 

  3. The Andy Tate comments are getting boring now, gone are the days when
    mature people could have a proper chat under the videos about the game. Go
    somewhere else kids. “i dont care” 

  4. Man of the match for me has to be Ashley Young played fantastic. He put
    fantastic balls in and kept pushing all game! Class player…

  5. for the andy tate chant is it sung with the tune of “give it up by KC & The
    Sunshine Band”??

  6. William and his friends have a unusual choice for man of the match, fancam
    following Manchester United 2 Stoke City 1

  7. would be great if a few man utd fans could check out a few of my match
    reactions much appreciated 

  8. Man of the match? I’d have gone with Pep Guardiola, at least h’d have
    brought a barca style of play.

  9. He might be young but come on Fellaini is playing better than he ever has
    done for united 

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