25 Replies to “Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal (28-08-11) Alle High”

  1. SPOILER ALERT something original is going to be said- I’d 8-2 be an arsenal fan

  2. Arsenal still remain shit till this day. They will finish 6th at best next season:
    Cheslea 1st
    man city 2nd
    man utd 3rd
    tottenham 4th
    liverpool 5th
    arsenal 6th

  3. but why would you play the reserves against a team that could dominate your best 11

  4. I don’t get why Man Utd fans are gloating we had the worst team possible out there (Traore, Coquelin) it was like winning against the reserves ffs.

  5. Couldn’t believe what was happening i had to check the score again. Despite the pain of losing the league to City that season this was a memorable victory and for me and one of the best games in Sir Alex’s era loved the game the goals where just quality and hope we get matches like this under David Moyes

  6. yeah yeah mancity raped united yummy boss…..unfazed raw sex…..i would bet to upload it..

  7. As a Tottenham fan, this is extremely satisfying *awaits comments about St. Totteringham’s day from angry Aresnal supporters*

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