23 Replies to “Manchester United Bolton | Cristiano Ronaldo Debut August 16, 2003”

  1. this kid 10 years later has establshed himself as one of the greatest players ever to play the game and his goal scoring ratio that only a few can match

    Amazing Debut

  2. does anyone else understand what this guy is saying? I mean honestly, first you talk about the transfer to madrid, then his father’s death, then the copa del rey… what is wrong with your train of thought?!

  3. i mean he won cupa del ray duh see ronaldo did something at least dudes

  4. …and to think that in a month’s time this would have been an entire decade ago. Incredible.

  5. he didnt get into the team regularly though. So ol’ paddy cant be faulted their

  6. U c ROooooooooonaldo my Ronaldo c this comment in 2014/2015 Ronaldo will be the best no i forgot he is the best

  7. how paddy crerand was ever allowed to commentate is beyond me. awful.6:45 if eric djemba djemba gets in the team it will be hard to remove him….another classic

  8. Actually you can call it ”spaghetti”. Ronaldo said, that he uses to have spaghetti in his hair.

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