24 Replies to “Manchester United Top 10 Assists 2013 (HD)”

  1. In my opinion, Anderson and Nani’s one two in the carling cup vs chelsea should be included and Rooney’s pass to RVP in the champions league is better than Kagawa’s to Valencia. Anyway, excellent video and I personally love Giggs to RVP’s one most.

  2. that was on my list, it came 11th though. it was a great run, but it kindve scuffled to rooney, i dont know if he meant to go for glory or pass to rooney.

  3. One player who got us close to 20th title was Michael carrick and robin van persie clinched us the 20th .GGMU .3

  4. 3 of those assists were from rooney, and some arseholes still abuse him and want him out. IDIOTS!

  5. i dont understand why there is an unlike button over there , and who could unlike this vid? i think jesme is on of the best united video maker 🙂

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