24 Replies to “Manchester United vs. Arsenal (09/04/2006) Full Match”

  1. Not Fabregas maybe Thiago but definitely not cesc, 1 he hates us and if he wants to leave barca arsenal have the first offer or if he is sold to another club half of the fee goes to arsenal so he would be too expensive for us and thats true Rooney’s not for sell anyway.

  2. no, i meant van perise is in manU, and it looks like cesc fabregas is on his way. i didnt mean rooney.
    and even if rooney is leaving, manU arent as stupid as arsenal to sell their best players to rivals

  3. Ronaldo just wanted it a lot more but if Rooney worked harder maybe and then some he could easily be as good.

  4. and one of the arsenal starters is in manU, and another one is linked with them.

  5. You’re right, and I think he’s definitely not looked after himself properly. Part of me also thinks he was never quite the same player after the injury against Chelsea during this season…he was rushed back, had a terrible world cup and he stopped running at players less and less from then on.

    Ronaldo on the other hand, just seemed to work be the best he could be. He also had the advantage that he’s hardly ever been injured.

  6. Very true between the ages of 18-22 Rooney was much better then Ronaldo but then the binge drinking and prosistutes just took it’s toll…while Ronaldo strived for better and better

  7. wow look at arsenals team, they definitely gone backwards man. no offence

  8. Best of luck to you Man U fans this season. When Arsenal isn’t in the running anymore, I’d like you guys to be in there. As long as we knock those cunts Ancelotti and Mourinho out.

  9. Could you upload the Man Utd vs Liverpool match in 2010 when Park scores the winner with a diving header? It would be awesome if you did.

  10. LOOOOOL its funny seeing Robin van Persie playing against us LOOOOOL I guess at this point in time he didnt know he’d be joining Man Utd

  11. Weird, doesn’t seem like no time at all since i watched this game originally

  12. Do you have any UEFA Champions League matches? Preferably Arsenal 2004 onwards.

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