23 Replies to “Manchester United vs. Wigan Athletic (06/10/2007) Full Match”

  1. No. We were lucky he didn’t leave sooner, his father passed away which led to Ronaldo becoming home-sick, he later joined Real Madrid as it is close to Portugal and that’s where his family were staying anyway, so you cant blame him for leaving, its a massive blow but that’s football.

  2. I think Ronaldo should play for Manchester United this upcoming season

  3. Rooney, ronaldo, scum tevez, scholes and giggs in the same team the opposition must of been scared for there lives week in week out

  4. 1:25:15 Manchester United 4 Strikers Hug Together! Yeah GGMU! Ryan Giggs,Carlos Tevez, Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney!

  5. What I meant was he used to play for Wigan was he playing against united in this match

  6. Yeah everyone’s singing about how much better this squad is than our current one but to be honest… Van Persie carries equal goal-threat to Ronaldo, we still have Rooney and at his best the current one’s better than the old one. Hernandez for Tevez is a decent swap for me. Carrick for O’Shea is a definite step up. To be honest the only thing I think that makes this team better than the current squad is pace. All over the pitch.

  7. 2008: “You know you have a good team when you can bring someone of Andersons calibre off the bench.” 2013: “Anderson is getting a run out, maybe to run off the mcdonalds he had last night.”

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