25 Replies to “NextGen Series: Aston Villa v Olympiacos Pireus”

  1. sure is right, i know alot of people who think it is fake. Listen to this, i really got shocked when i got paid a check of $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. i got it from here. you can also try it: bit.ly/11nkL9T?=opgwm

  2. “Raised Irish” when both parents are English and only one granparent is Irish? Nah, don’t think so…

  3. to ipodism…ireland have just as much hope winning world cup as england..most overated international team known to man..every big tournament talk about winning it and are lucky to scrape outta yer group..grealish 4 ireland already declared and most teamates at club play with him at international so he happy..he going knowhere..

  4. English born and raised. He’s eligible for Ireland because he has an Irish grandfather I believe.

  5. Not 100% sure but I think Spurs have all the rights cause they’ll upload the highlights

  6. theres some truth to all that, but im just saying in my opinion I think he is more likely to play for the Republic now that he is very familiar with the set up and plays alongside many future Republic stars at Villa. He also won the u-17 player of the year for Ireland and he said it was a great experience.

  7. i agree with mansion here he can represent ireland till under 21 he can even play for ireland in a friendly if he has any sense buckles down focuses on playing he can represent the mighty england!!!

  8. Clearly? He’s only played for their youth teams, and when asked about who he will choose in the end he only said Ireland “for the moment”. I mean if he feels more Irish than English then fair play to him, but he shouldn’t feel indebted to Ireland just because they came sniffing first. The Irish FA seems to be going after anyone with an Irish granny at the moment!

  9. If Jack Grealish represents Ireland he might get the chance to play in a world cup or european championship. With the players coming through for England, he might get the chance to win one. PLEASE CHOOSE ENGLAND JACK!


  11. this villa team looks like the future Republic of Ireland team, theyre loaded with Irish

  12. well get over it, clearly he likes the Republic better. He’ll probably be better off too since England have great midfielders yet seem to do nothing with them.

  13. Yeah sorry I think I was confusing his birthplace with Dan Crowley’s.

  14. Actually found out his from solihull my hometown haha his going to be a predator

  15. He was poached by Ireland at a young age due to the parentage rule, but he was born and raised in England.

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