25 Replies to “‘We’re Aston Villa we’ll sit where we want’”

  1. Ur Aston Villa ur a fuking feeder club Barry milner downing young friedal now Kentucky puts in a transfer request wats ur excuse Villa gaycore Villa touth we r Birmingham city we sit were we want u lot get fragged everywhere u go

  2. League one side coventry city knocked you out the cup . Lmfao . Inbred .

  3. Damien ur in a deluded wonderland ur not.a big club any more ur history went out wiv the Titanic u can’t even beat a league two club from Yorkshire in the semi finals yeah ur Aston Villa the claret n blue feeder club for the big boys downing milner Barry ur sole aim is to avoid relagation each yr these cheap Danish Dutch black players you’ve bought will be off to a bigger club wen u get relagated nx yr

  4. Damien Eden u Villa fanz always comment on our vids blues own the city keep dreaming we will smash u everyday everyweek every year. Carry on sucking on ur mums tity milk u sap.

  5. blues are that good yh that they are stuck in champion ship then again there only place there going is down to division 1 😀 I AM NICE THERE IS ONLY 1 ASTON VILLA 1 ASTON VILLA WERE WALKING ALONG SINGING THIS SONG WALKING IN THE VILLA WOUNDERLAND

  6. that game will be fun you carnt batter ya self let alone a fucking fly ya dick head just proves ya not a true bluenose then if ya keep watching us villians so yano think straight and keep rolling had to be said twat face 🙂

  7. Hang on us villa fans are always commenting on your videos? What are you doing right now then you dumb cunt. To be honest I enjoy Davos videos the one about the buses was quality

  8. Charlie Edwards Fraser bicknell Villa forever u can say wat u want the simple facts are ur history went out wiv the dinosaurs ur a proven feeder club milner Barry downing. Etc proven most teams fans say blues have a better atmosphere we r the best away fans in England u vanilla fans are always commenting on our vids davo etc. So wat if we have no muney sumone wiv.muney will eventually take over us we carry the city’s name we are not going bust so jog on

  9. Most passtionate loyal fans lol average gate of 16.000 you all bang on about zulu this zulu that cuz you have no history you go on that zulus are gonna bash villa . Lol your fans are nothing now you had a firm in the 80s not no more there just youth who think there zulus . Twats

  10. Hahahaha bluezmad, the most passionate fans, middlesborough away last year, birmingham were allocated 2000 seats, you sold 200. Shittest sad wank fans in the world

  11. U Villa fans are fuck all we run the city u can’t even run Aston from the Johnson crew. Everytime blues play Villa we smash.u all over. The city. We may have no muney. Harf a shit stadium a wanker as a owner. But I’d rather have that than be a vanilla fan any day we’ve most passtionate loyal fans in England if u lot had our troubles u wod dissapeaer. We r Birmingham city we do wat we want

  12. Haha this butt hurt prick again! We have an average attendance of 35,000, even though we have been in terrible form ever since 2009, in a city where 5 clubs are based in the the radius of 6 miles.

    I see you on every video slating us. Even SAF has called you, Newcastle, a “wee” club.

    Weimann didn’t want to go to you, it’d a step down.

    AVFC are ranked 4th on bigclubornot.co.uk. What about Newcastle? 7th.

    You’re just a boring, ordinary, one city club.

    You hate us because we’re a better club

  13. So the blues fans are ones again watching our fans on youtube . I bet you all had your little dicks playing with yourselves . We will always be pride of birmingham cuz the city is ours .

  14. To amrino manna there stealing our chants cos they are that fuking dum they can’t fink of any songs to sing they no they will always be in blues shadow we r Birmingham city we will batter u Every week Villa pussys can’t wait til we meet again

  15. Oh my daze u Vllla fanz so brave siting in the wigan end a club wiv less fans than walsall u wodnt dare try that at St Andrews cos u no u wod get ran all over brum just as u normally do wen we play ya Villa shitiest fanz in the country. Blues run brum after the game Wigan probly bashed ya silly witton priks ur fuk all

  16. Aston Villa have amazing support??? they get 10,000 empty seats every-other. probably the worst fans in the league

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