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  1. the first time you beat sporting, they had already secured 1st place in the group and there was literally no point in playing that match. In the second game sporting had 7/8 players missing cus the b team had a game on the day after and the main squad had one as well on the day after that (this happened with Barcelona also) and our main goal scorer Mane was injured as well. Still we were able to dominate the game, but we were unlucky and the refs disallowed a clean sporting goal.

  2. psg and marseille are not the best academy in france far from that!! you have auxerre,lyon,sochaux,nantes,monaco etc…they are all better than paris and marseille

  3. Mate, you’re a sore loser and a total muppet. Sorry to say Daniel Crowley didn’t have the chops to make this team…there’s far too many good young Villans ahead of him in the pecking order!

    First British club to be Champs of Europe at Senior and Academy Level – you must be getting all giddy being around here.

  4. Anyone who doubts Aston Villa’s production line – need to watch Danny Crowley just 15 – Arsenal & Liverpool at least have now put in six figure bids for him!! So I think they’re letting him go too, cos we have Henry Cowans coming through. Gordon Cowans son & he’s absolute quality MF like his Dad.

  5. I watched Chelsea’s U21s just after Nextgen finals at Villa Park – we completely outplayed em for the most part of the game – it ended 1 -1 but Jack Grealish whose 17 & bin at Villa since he was 6 & co were again brilliant that night – fully deserved to win

  6. Chalobah is on loan at Watford so not an option but Villa also had a few of their top academy graduates missing from NextGen finals also – eg Jordan Graham, Mickey Drennan (top NextGen scorer till injured & Derrick Williams – all on the treatment table so couldn’t play!

  7. How dare I say Aston Villa have the best Academy in England??!! It’s official check the EPPP – not only have Villa been awarded Category 1 status – they were awarded the top academy status out of all the clubs. Just Google it – you’ll see!!

  8. how dare u say that Aston Villa have the best academy in England? Chelsea and Arsenal are far better. The oldes team won not the best. do you know that Chelsea did not feature Chalobah and J. Blackman here? they were young.

  9. You rate the squads by their names, not by their quality… just sayin’

  10. You can only beat what you get put in front of you and we did up the villa !

  11. You misunderstood what I wrote above. I never claimed that no big teams are in this tournament. Just that some of the big ones declined to participate. I said the tournament organizers would love to have big clubs like Bayern, Real and Manchester Unite to compete in the tournament. I wrote in response to the Sporting Lisbon supporter who claimed this tournament was rigged towards English clubs.

  12. Even though Barcelona competed? Yeah, no big clubs in the tournament at all…

  13. uefa are now trying to do their own champs league of youth football…it will spoil it i feel and expose clubs like sporting lisbon to the money sharks around europe. We were the best team in this year and last years comp but after both group stages we sold our better players to other clubs due to financial problems.

  14. The whole point of these tournaments is to develop players for the future…or atleast that what the clever clubs use them for. Villa and Liverpool apart all the other english sides brought back players who have already signed pro contracts (completely missing the true value of participating in such competition). Manchester United did not reject participation in this tournament…they were not invited. They took part in the next lions cup where they lost to sporting lisbon

  15. How do you know that? Any link? “The false information you are spreading is your claim that Bayern, Real and Lyon were not invited because they are not English. By saying that you are implying that these clubs were not invited to give an advantage to English clubs” How the hell did you take that from what i said? i said that they are way more involved with England, with at least 3 more teams than any other country. AC Milan, Benfica/Porto, Valencia, At Madrid… Did those decline too?

  16. I didn’t twist your words and no one is forcing you to reply to me. The false information you are spreading is your claim that Bayern, Real and Lyon were not invited because they are not English. By saying that you are implying that these clubs were not invited to give an advantage to English clubs since they will have a larger number of participants. What you don’t understand is Nextgen invited all these clubs to the tournament but they all declined. And I don’t look retarded. LOL

  17. what false information? Im tired of replying to people who just twist my words. you look retarded anyway

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