23 Replies to “TUNNEL CAM: City 2-3 Manchester United EPL 12/13”

  1. Keep talking smack you jealous twat have fun Thursday nights that’s all you will ever see your scum team or and the history channel.

  2. Ferdinand, Anderson, Kagawa, Rooney, Buttner, De Gea, RVP, Jones, Young, Zaha etc. Yeah, United don’t imply so much money do they? GLORY HUNTER? LOOOOOOOL. I’m a LIVERPOOL fan. I done that comment 4 MONTHS AGO for a joke! 75% of you United fans are glory hunters.

    So done.

  3. Fuck off you gloryhunting twat and go support chelsea or city they have the money to buy the players you want, that’s NOT THE MANCHESTER UNITED WAY! never has never will now fuck off.

  4. but we r not reds..we the red devils! livapool are the reds.

  5. You’re retarded and a horrible excuse for a Red, Moyes hasn’t even had a game and you want him out. Fuck off for good, won’t be responding to your trolling any further.

  6. Didn’t I tell you to fuck off? If SA has handpicked Moyes as his successor who are you (some 11 year old on his mommy’s computer) to question that?

  7. I’d pay to see what they will do to you if you try saying that to their faces…

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