24 Replies to “Merry Christmas from the Aston Villa 1st Team”

  1. Albrightons voice is way deeper´╗┐ since last year haha ­čśŤ
    is he still injured?

  2. It’s ok. I got an early´╗┐ Xmas present when I got to go overseas last September and see you guys play at VIlla Park.


  3. yeah nice xmas gift villa… 8-0 and 4-0´╗┐ defeats… could only happen to villa

  4. sack this´╗┐ prick before its too late all the players he has brought are shite and i mean every player

  5. lose 8 0 and this dung training ground please lets do our talking on the pitch and wish us a merry christmas from there please ´╗┐ 3 points next

  6. Yeah that didn’t even come any where near a thought of consillation to us after´╗┐ that diabolical performance

  7. I think the villa fans would have´╗┐ preferred an apology after our last performance!

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