24 Replies to “Manchester United vs Manchester City community shield 2nd half”

  1. Ahhh, watched this match at Wembley and loved it. How this team has changed, when Nani was still good, Rooney still played with passion and De Gea was still a rookie.

  2. This youthful team with Cleverley, Anderson, Welbeck, Jones, Evans coupled with the experience and brilliance of Nani, Rooney, Evra promised big things. And then 6-1 happened, and Ferguson’s youthful attacking philosophy changed.

  3. this was on my birthday.it was fucking unbelievable to watch,didn`t look like we would claw it back but to get even and win it so late was amazing.by far the best community shield game i`ve ever seen

  4. This Nani was no where to be seen this year 🙁 Looks like he’ll be on the move, but if we bring in Ronaldo to replace him I won’t complain!

  5. Thank you for this but maybe if you put the analysis after the match too 🙁

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