Senol Gunes will remain in charge of Besiktas

Senol Gunes will remain in charge of Besiktas

Senol Gunes will remain in charge of Besiktas and won’t take charge of his country’s national side.

Initially the soccer association of Turkey had approached Gunes to fill the vacant spot of the head coach of the national side, but, the 65-year old refused to take up the job.

After that, the association asked the Besiktas hierarchy if they could allow Gunes to perform the dual role of the head coach of Besiktas as well as that of the national side on a temporary basis.

The Besiktas hierarchy refused to that and conveyed to the national association that they don’t think it’s a beneficial proposition for any of the two parties concerned.

Recently Besiktas put forward a statement on social media in which they confirmed that a proposal was there for Gunes to oversee the operations of both the sides, but, that was not accepted by them.

As per that statement, the Besiktas hierarchy’s viewpoint was that if Gunes got involved in the two roles simultaneously, he might not be able to do justice to any of those rules and thus both the parties would be at loss. So, it is better that he focuses on one role at a time and stays in his present job.

The viewpoint of the hierarchy has been conveyed to the authorities of the national association who have accepted the decision and are not looking to force the issue.

The vacancy at the post of the head coach has created recently after Fatih Terim left the post following some extremely poor outings of the national team in the World Cup qualifying matches.

Poor performance was however not the only factor behind Terim’s resignation. Some non-soccer factors were also there because of which he had to leave.

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