15 Replies to “Shamrock Rovers vs Aston Villa 0 – 2”

  1. We are looking very fucking sharp top 6 is the aim next season. I don’t
    care who you are this is a different AVFC. Our counter attacks are fucking
    frightening. New look villa and I am loving it. Cant see us losing more
    than 7-8 games this season.

  2. Matt Lowton, best crosser of the ball in the Premiership. that sort of
    performance is the reason his name is on the back of my shirt.

  3. That second goal reminded me of his diving header against Everton, and
    Lowton set that one up too!

  4. Shamrock Rovers are a professional team you tit and most League Of Ireland
    teams played there youths in these friendlies..

  5. cork got done 6-0 against west brom, bray lost 5-1 to port vale, rovers
    have already lost 4-0 to Birmingham, list goes on, Europe was a flop this
    year. even the most vivid loi fan would have to admit league is not ina
    good state at present

  6. modist win by villa standards against an amateur outfit. league of ireland
    teams have been getting hammered by 4 or 5 goals in friendless this summer,
    birmingham city already won 4-0 against shamrock rovers. thought it was
    abit hardfaced not to give enda stevens a run out, for what amounts to a
    nothing match!!!

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