24 Replies to “Christian Benteke – Aston Villa – Goals – 2012/2013”

  1. Yep I’m sure you’ll do well in the europe this year. I mean you missed out on Champions league, again but at least you’ve got Europa, right?

  2. Right now, Spurs are one of the strongest squads in the PL and they’ll finish above LFC again this season, 3 seasons in a row.

  3. think it’s been 4 or 5 years now. Yeah your right once you’ve got rid of Suarez, your best player I’m sure that’ll help you finish above spurs. Also Sigg and Dempsey seemed to think spurs were better. But fine we can agree Liverpool are better than spurs doesn’t mean we won’t finish above you again

  4. Liverpool have done bad in the like, 3 past years, but are on the way back now. Liverpool are a way bigger and better club then Tottenham

  5. I don’t think he’ll come to Spurs but as spurs constantly finish above Liverpool and definitely have a better team it’s obviously not a step down.

  6. lmfao… do u seriously think suarez would go to spurs (rofl) he wants to leave England…. And spurs is a step down from Liverpool..

  7. we can’t afford higuain wage + he want arsenal , suarez unrealistic ,liverpool will never ever sell to a rival ,we don’t have the money , and let face it he’s bigger than us he deserve a team like united or madrid

  8. I think Suarez could get Spurs into top 3 next year and Spurs need a new LB and maybe a new CB as well.

  9. £25m, that is a better deal thatn £20m for Benteke who has no loyalty whatsoever.
    If Spurs desperately needed a striker, they’d pay the £25 million for Higuain, Spurs buying strikers from the PL isn’t a good thing.
    Bale will have to be Spurs main striker again this year, if u dont want Bale to leave next year, shell out for Suarez or Higuain.

  10. just seen reports saying that city and fiorentina have agreed a deal for 25 m so it confirm what i said

  11. jovetic is leaving for ……..30m , unfortunately you need to pull the cash , good players are becoming too expensive

  12. Higuain and Jovetic is who Spurs really should be after for £20 million or more.
    It’ll look stupid if City get Jovetic for £20 million. £15 million is the max I reckon AVB will bid for him and AV won’t sell him for less than £25m.

  13. actually we will for 20 but maybe not for 25 or plus , im not sure if there is many talents in ohter leagues , we don’t want to risk and sign someone worse than defoe and adebayor

  14. Spurs wont sign Benteke for £20 million, its pretty obvious. I don’t think Jovetic will go to City and I don’t think anyones made a bid for him.
    If Higuain really wants to leave RM, then Spurs should make a bid of £23 million for him otherwise I’m sure AVB will find someone else by looking at the other leagues like the Belgian Pro League etc

  15. i know he’s not worth that but many players are not worth the prices that clubs tag them on , leandro damiao (we were after him for many years) is worth almost as much as benteke and he has only played in brazil , that’s the modern market pay or leave

  16. Jovetic is close to city , defoe is only effective when he come off the bench (still he’s getting old) adebayor only perform when he want

  17. benteke seem to be a more decent striker , more complet , he was decent at genk and back then he started a showdown with genk to join villa , when he signed with villa many genk fan said that he will flop ect …. , but then he proved them wrong

  18. Then there’s Balotelli that went for £19 million, Benteke is clearly not worth £20 million, which is why nobody wants him at that price.

  19. I’d choose none, wasting money, get Defoe and Ade back to scoring.
    Jovetic would be viable for £25 million

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