24 Replies to “David Beckham – all 85 Manchester United goals!”

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  4. God! What a football player he was.. and half of his goals were from free kicks.. Legend!

  5. I love this video, you watch the legend start from the bottom, as he slowly grows up to be a man. I love beckham, he inspires me to play football. One day I wanna be just like him. You will always be a red devil LEGEND!

  6. El mismo puto comentarista en todos los partidos xD y siempre diciendo It’s Beckham x3

  7. Imagine the status he would have if he stayed at United throughout his career. On the other side we might never had signed Ronaldo though

  8. manchesterrule7 mate if you hate one of them you hate football you can’t admit both are good.

  9. Very weird thing though, Rooney is going through the same thing beckham went through. He might leave England for the same fee i guess, 25 million….

  10. Please come check my channel for united news everyday!(only for die-hard fans)

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