Dean Ashton backs Zlatan Ibrahimovic as new Signing

Dean Ashton backs Zlatan Ibrahimovic as new Signing

Former West Ham United striker Dean Ashton believes that the Premier League outfit should try and sign Paris St Germain superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Swede is one of the instantly recognisable names in world football and he recently revealed that an exit from the French capital may be on the cards. His contract runs out at the end of the campaign and that there has been no talk about a new deal. At 34 years of age, he still has only a couple of years left at the top of the game. Even though PSG may be interested in giving him a new contract, it is understood that Zlatan wants to experience a new culture and challenge.

West Ham will provide these aspects and their move to the Olympic stadium in the summer fits perfectly into the requirements of the 34-year-old. The massive stadium will be able to support 60,000 fans at the same time. This will bring West Ham in line with clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United in terms of stadium capacity. After having played only for big clubs throughout his career, Ibrahimovic will not want to play in front of a few fans. For this reason, Ashton believes that West Ham may have a chance to sign Ibrahimovic and that the club should not forgo this option at any cost.

“Any team that makes the Champions League suddenly has doors opened and the chance to attract big names, and the attraction of playing in a new stadium as well would pull players in. I’m pretty sure every West Ham fan would love to see Ibrahimovic come to the Olympic Stadium. I know there have been rumours, and what a signing he would be. He brings experience and flair, and he’s the type of player West Ham fans love who can produce something from nothing,” said Ashton.

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