25 Replies to “Dimitar Berbatov – Touch Of Genius – Manchester United Memories – HD”

  1. Знам, че няма как да го види някой българин, но ако види този клип и този
    коментар, нека бъде горд с това, че е БЪЛГАРИН!!! И ти Мите, (ако мога да
    нарека такава личност на галено) знай, че ние тук в България сме ГОРДИ с
    теб и твоите успехи. Respect for Dimitar Berbatov!!!

  2. GUYS!!

    Nani provided the cross for Berba’s bicycle kick against Liverpool.

    Nani also provided the cross for Rooney’s bicycle kick against City.

    I just realized this, mind blown.

  3. Rooney,Ronaldo,Tevez,Berbatov,Nani….and then Carrick used to score many
    goals….then we had Vidic and Ferdinand who were good enough to hold
    counter attack even when they were out numbered….Park Ji sung used to
    make big team look like shitt….evra’s over laps….Neville’s crosses
    ….and now we have big players who are not performing on their full

  4. I miss Berbatov, in the first half of the 2010/2011 season he was

  5. Can you make a video with Fernando Torres when he was playing in Liverpool
    FC? That would be awesome with music like this 

  6. That goal vs Liverpool … OMG . The most amazing classy goal I’ve ever
    seen in BPL.

  7. The last really season he played with us he was the top scorer. After that
    we signed Robin Van Persie, and then he was on the bench and was given no
    chance what so ever. If he played up front with RvP and Rooney in CaM that
    would have been an amazing team. Barbados thank you for everything he
    deserve more. 

  8. 3:10, I’m sorry but that’s the best goal I have ever seen. The technique
    and placement. Massively underrated. 

  9. I never used to be the biggest fan of Berbatov, he didn’t do enough on a
    regular basis and acted uninterested and lazy quite a lot but when he was
    in the mood and in top form he was an absolute genius, very classy player
    on his day.

  10. I almost forgot there was a time where we managed to get Tevez, Rooney,
    Berba & CR7 on the pitch at the same time. Weird how we cant make rooney,
    falcao, rvp & di-maria work now.

  11. Class Berbatov will never be quenched, not everyone liked him at Manchester
    United, but he proved that he would be remembered …… There are many
    players who have scored wonderful goals for Manchester United, but even
    Cantona no such masterpieces as these of Berba, who will remain in the
    hearts of thousands of fans, and will never be forgotten ….. genius
    Berbatov, class is forever …..

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