Chelsea only needs 3 more league wins but Mourinho still doesn’t want to celebrate

Chelsea only needs 3 more league wins but Mourinho still doesn’t want to celebrate

Chelsea reinforced their position at the top of the Premier League after defeating Manchester United with a narrow 1-0 victory. The only goal of the entire match was scored by Eden Hazard at the 38th minute. Even though it was Manchester United the team that lost, they had the upper hand in possession as the team of Louis van Gaal had 70% of possession and more shots being fired from the players hailing from Old Trafford.


Even with the dominance that Manchester United had implanted into the game, they still lost the match as Chelsea continues their run for their 5th Premier League title.


There are a total of 6 Premier League matches left in the season that Chelsea has to play before the campaign reaches its end and with an advantage of 10 points, Jose Mourinho and his men are in a very comfortable position as they only have to win 3 more matches and it will be enough for them to be crowned as the champions of England.


Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho said: “We need eight points to be champions. Football is not about ‘if,’ it’s not about ‘almost.’ It’s about mathematics. When mathematically it’s done, it’s done, we celebrate. Until that moment, no. We need two victories and two draws to be champions. What we can say is that we play for nine points at home. We can be champions just at home with the matches we play at home. Obviously if we can get points away, it’s better.”

 Arsenal, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland are the remaining opponents that Jose Mourinho and his team has to face off in this season and 3 victories against these teams is enough for Chelsea to regain the piece of silverware that they have not won since May of 2010.


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