Frank Lampard may get Extension with Manchester City

Frank Lampard may get Extension with Manchester City

A few weeks ago rumors started to circulate which claimed that Manchester City was interested in signing a contract extension deal with Frank Lampard as the current contract of the English midfielder expires in January as he has to make a move to the MLS side New York City FC but it has now been revealed that work is being done in attempt of having Lampard remain with Manchester City for a longer period of time.

This extended period of time could last until February with Lampard having to step up and replace YayaToure who will be leaving Manchester City for a short time as Toure has to play at the Africa Cup of Nations which starts on January 17 and if Ivory Coast manages to reach the finals, Toure would be returning to the Premier League club on February 8.

The Major League Soccer season of 2015 doesn’t start until March which gives Lampard enough time for him to continue performing with Manchester City before the MLS kicks off in full force.

Frank Lampard originally signed a loan deal with Manchester City which runs out in January of 2015 but the experienced midfielder has shined during his temporary stay as he makes consistently impressive performances and has even rescued points for Manchester City in the Premier League one example of this was during City’s league match against Chelsea where Lampard scored the equalizing goal which forced a draw and rescued 1 point for Manchester City.

YayaToure along with Sergio Aguero is one of the main influential and important figures in the team of Manuel Pellegrini and the absence that will leave the African midfielder when he leaves in January is expected to be filled in some way by Frank Lampard, this one of the main reasons on why discussions are being made as head authorities of the Premier League club want to keep Lampard for a longer time.

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