25 Replies to “Fifa 15 | FULL Gameplay – Manchester United vs. Manchester City | by PatrickHDxGaming”

  1. Can we hit 1000+ Likes for this FULL Gameplay of Fifa 15?!

    I’m sure we can! Many more Fifa 15 videos will follow, I got more than 30
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  2. Hier gibt es ein DEUTSCHES Gameplay, Freunde! 🙂
    Fifa 15 | FULL Gameplay – Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Bayern München | DEUTSCH
    | by PatrickHDxGaming

  3. as a pes fan what i appreciate in fifa is that they pay attention all the
    details in soccer as it should be e.g graphic is on the top,all the
    spectators look alive,pitch looks awesome,different kind of
    stadiums,teams,league…maybe gameplay is little bit worse than pes but
    generally you couldnt see the same attention in pes.,. hopefully,fifa will
    get the license of CL and EL for the next years.

  4. Somewhat random question, but I’m really wanting to get into watching
    soccer (football) but I don’t know all of the rules or the strategy in the
    sport. I’m thinking of picking up FIFA 15 to help me learn more about the
    game. Is this a good way of going about it? If not, other than simply
    watching matches on TV, what would be the best way to learn more about
    soccer (football)?

  5. Anyone want to duplicate there money you have to have xbox1 and fifa 15 my
    Xbox name is vReaL BLazEv

  6. honestly doesnt look real at all…. not much improvement, if there’s any,
    from FIFA 14

    again, looks too stiff, the face, movement, etc.

    disappointed… all FIFA game developers have to do is to recycle basically
    the same game every year, they have 300 days to do so…. i expect
    something more… totally disappointed…

  7. Another disadvantage of this game-they didn’t think about the details.Look
    at De Gea’s kit.There’s AON instead of Chevrolet…

  8. Really nice match. The better player may have won, but the loser actually
    played better. Just sayin 🙂 and hey Patrick, I wish there was a way to
    show us the buttons you’re pushing while you’re playing somehow

  9. What a exciting math! I often play by keyboard, I’m not good at playing by
    gamepad. But I think I need to learn how to play by gamepad like you :D

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