Manchester United turned to consistent Debator

Manchester United turned to consistent Debator

Manchester United has turned into a consistent topic of discussion for football fans as there is always something going on involving Old Trafford or Louis van Gaal.

A few days ago Sam Allardyce critiqued Louis van Gaal for his long ball playing style that the Dutchman has been implementing in recent times and the criticism continued on when the former Manchester United player Paul Scholes called his labeled his former team as ‘’miserable’’.

There aren’t many fans that agree to the decisions that the Dutchman Louis van Gaal has made since taking over the club but despite all of the harsh and negative feedback that the experienced coach has received lately, he has somehow pushed Manchester United in the 3rd spot of the Premier League.

The fastest man alive, Usain Bolt has not been shy in revealing to the public that he is a fan of Manchester United and everything that the club represents when it comes to football but even the Jamaican sprint runner does not agree with the things that have been happening with the English club.

“For me, with teams… if you are going to implement a style I think you first have to work out if a team can handle it. I don’t think this passing method that he has is ever going to work for Manchester United. Unless he changes all the players.He’s trying to break down teams with this passing game, but United is not that team,’’

“If we had Giggs and Scholes still both in the middle, then it could be good. Mata is good but he’s too small. Rooney’s good but he plays a bit slow, and as a midfielder you’ve got to really move quickly’’ Bolt said as he voiced his opinion concerning certain players and formations of Louis van Gaal.

Louis van Gaal recently said that he is interested in signing a creative midfielder that could spark some life in the squad and their style but if this is indeed true and a big name or talented player is signed in the summer, someone else could be seeing their way out of Old Trafford within a few months.

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