25 Replies to “Manchester United 20th Premier League title 2012/2013”

  1. Start of the season there was so much promise. Where did it all go wrong?
    At least i’m a 100% confident will be back with a vengence next season. Utd
    will no die and they never will.

  2. 20th title….

    Well sir alex has brought 13 titles in his career with united … I wonder
    how much mr. Moyes will bring? 

  3. United will come back after the Summer Transfer Window! Moyes will
    restructure the team and comeback strong as before!!

  4. All points to City winning the title this season, enjoy your last couple of
    months as champions peeps ;P

  5. So this is what Moyes is trying to emulate, the crossing game, but most of
    the crosses are driven low and fast, not hoof balls into the box only Peter
    Crouch and Carroll can head it in. Sigh

  6. This season just one of them seasons we will be back on track next seasen

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