25 Replies to “Manchester United Goals of the Season 2009-2013 (HD)”

  1. I love this guy’s videos. Brilliant quality. Love the song choice as well, No church in the wild.

  2. Jesse … your channel rock. Your Man Utd video are the best video edited I have found on Youtube. Keep up the good job.

  3. Rooney! O matko boska! Co za bramka! Przecież to jest w ogóle nie pojęte!

  4. I like your channel, but Why you not completely full season ? no Manchester United in September and May.. Thank you

  5. ‘Now Ronaldo. Long way out. WHAT A GOAL! Not too far out for him!’
    – Love that piece of commentary!

  6. Yeah that was good, but personally I think the Ronaldo counter attack goal at the Emirates the season before in the CL was even better!

  7. It should have been Rooney’s counter attack goal vs Arsenal at the Emirates in 09-10

  8. rooney involved somehow with most of the goals and some man utd fans want him to leave.. pfft

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