25 Replies to “Phil Neville Back At Manchester United & Rooney Latest + Thiago Alcantara Latest”

  1. im a manchester united fan and i hate manchester united supporters rooney is shit rooney is fat i want him to leave your all retarted you cant say other clubs have platic fans when united clearly have more plastic fans than anyone grow up and support the team properly or fuck off

  2. “Start respecting the man who has helped you win”? Coming from a Arsenal fan
    “Helped you win most of your trophies”? This is Man Utd we aren’t a one man team
    “Has been loyal to his club.” He’s only asked to leave twice and he’s definitely not playing for the £250k a week but for his undeniable love for the club
    “Done nothing disrespectful to the club” Yeah insulting the club on numerous occasions saying we have no ambition is exceptionally respectful
    I want him to stay but sort out his attitude!

  3. “lose some fucking weight” ? how about you start respecting the man who has helped you win most of your trophies since his arrival and has been loyal to his club for a long, long time. the man has done nothing disrespectful to the club and you still treat him like his worthless. I hope he leaves manchester united

  4. Why would lewy want to sell to a bpl club if he could sell abroad? and especially manchester united does not seem likely because of berbatov

  5. Bale wont leave spurs this season because they just got paulinho which is to persuade bale that they want to progress to the champions league

  6. i dont really care about Rooney, but looking forward to Thiago! if he wants to go, just go!

  7. Rooney is going to go. I’m sure. Moyes said that Rooney is not for sale. There’s two reasons why Moyes would’ve said this.
    1. Moyes will get less media harassment, if he said Rooney is going, or I’m not sure if he’s going to stay or not then the media would follow him everywhere, more than they already do.
    2. If he said Rooney’s for sale, it would seem like united are trying to get rid of him, so clubs will offer less. Because he said he’s not for sale, clubs will offer more.

  8. There’s more chance of Ronaldo coming back than us getting Bale. The most likely signing this season would be Thiago, Baines and maybe Ronaldo (Ronaldo would be difficult but more likely than Bale).

  9. Lads, lets be honest, Ronaldo is not coming this season…
    I think Moyes and the staff need to look for Gareth Bale.

  10. Thiago Alcantara to man utd is a done deal my brother works at old trafford u will see in next few days it confirmed

  11. Thiago has signed a 5 year deal in Man Utd! Like so everyone can see!

  12. That was my dream for the press conference. Of course I’d love Ronnie back, everyone would. But if we only signed one player this transfer window, I’d be over the moon with Thiago.

  13. Please come check my channel for united news everyday!(only for die-hard fans)

  14. just let rooney go. then welcome to Ronaldo , Thiago and Lewandowski. 🙂

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