Manchester United – We Take Back Our Own – CHAMP20NS – 2012/2013 HD


Video Ranking: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Manchester United – We Take Back Our Own – CHAMP20NS – 2012/2013 HD”

  1. Daniel Robertson

    i wanna know the same thing

  2. EsZuNixDa

    Brilliant Video !!!

  3. Nuttawut Jareansuk

    I Love Manchester United 

  4. Lin Owen

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  5. alan smith

    Man utd is buying too many strikers :/ (they
    need to focus on buying better midfielders/
    playmakers) its causing chicharito and rooney to
    feel unsettled at the club. Anyways thanks for
    sharing the vid!

  6. Ujjwal Gudiseva

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  7. Benji Amesbury

    Manchester City’s players dislike.

  8. 95gmz

    this is the best video ive ever seen in youtube, ever.

    also, can you list the songs used?


    Singgih : the song is ” It’s who you are

  10. Singgih Prastyo

    0:46 – 4:27

    tell me what is the title of this song ? 🙁

  11. aboraba71

    Sir Alex and Schole :’), Red devil for ever thank you for this video best i ever seen

  12. Ethan Chen

    This is too bloody good.

  13. faridanyo aliyonne

    06:31 please tell me this song?:)

  14. Evgenyi Kozeev


  15. David Moyes

    great video. shit music

  16. Shubham Tiwari

    3:08 Sir Alex :'(

  17. Shubham Tiwari

    Really I Will Miss Sir Alex :'(
    But Time Changes Welcome Moyes 🙂

  18. Shubham Tiwari

    Glory Glory Man Utd <3

  19. sahib cabbarov

    Nani suppppppppper

  20. coolgamer567

    we love you fergie

  21. ezoabi1

    What a video, Great job keep on the good work

  22. shashank amar

    What a Video man! Quality Work! Keep it up!

  23. ShieldsiTVM

    Should be shown on MUTV

  24. alprasam93290

    United since 1997 <3