NemanjaVidic’s worst nightmare was Didier Drogba

NemanjaVidic’s worst nightmare was Didier Drogba

During the entire 15+ years long playing career of NemanjaVidcic, he has had to face off with top players from different clubs from all over the world.

Inter Milan and Manchester United are the top 2 European clubs that Vidic performed with back when he was still an active player and the Serbian defender was a regular starter for both of those teams.

Being a consistent starter in both Inter Milan and Manchester United, this has allowed NemanjaVidic on being able to compete in various different competitions as well as also being able to face off against a number of types of players.

It’s been around 7 months since NemanjaVidic announced his retirement from playing football at a competitive level and after having performed in top clubs and European competitions, the Serbian recently took time to talk about which player was the toughest one for him to play against as a defender.

As a defender, the main role that they have to accomplish is keep out the offensive forces from the opposing team by not allowing them any space to pass, dribble or move the ball around and hopefully get the chance to steal the ball away from them.

NemanjaVidic revealed that his most difficult opponent was Chelsea’s Didier Drogba as the retired player said during an interview: “Drogba was tougher. Torres always created a chance to score, but Drogba was on you for the full game. People say: ‘You had a difficult game against Torres’, but it was just the one game.

That was the statement that NemanjaVidic released during an interview after being asked if his toughest opponent was Fernando Torres, the Serbian went on saying that Didier Drogba was much more difficult to keep hold on in a match.

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